Some day we'll go all the way...might that day be soon? It's been more than a century since the Chicago Cubs last won the World Series and more than half a century since they topped the National League...decades of failure and torment have cemented the North Siders' position as the pre-eminent loveable losers in professional sports, and their fans often wear the same label. Yet another new era recently began with the hiring of Theo Epstein to run operations over at historic Wrigley Field -- he broke the curse for the Boston Red Sox, perhaps he can do the same for us. In the meantime, we'll be having fun with our fortunes and misfortunes, with our love of the team and the ball park experience via original tee shirt designs here at National Fanthem. These are not official tees, these are NOT offered by the team or MLB or any player and are not sanctioned by them in any way -- this limits the boundaries of imagery we can use, but allows us to more freely express opinions, angst and passion. We hope that you enjoy the shirts, will share the links and will suggest any fun ideas that you have. Remember: National Fanthem means Unofficial Gear For Genuine Fans!