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Kevin Durant is one of the best basketball players in the world – if it weren’t for a certain King reigning over the NBA with the talents he brought to South Beach, KD would be universally hailed as THE best player in the world. Yet despite his preternatural talents and magnetic personality, Kevin has lacked a suitable nickname. Until now.

Modestly claiming to prefer the simple moniker “KD”, the OKC Thunder forward has largely been referred to as “Durantula”...which is pretty cool, but he doesn’t like it...and nobody likes spiders. And so the intertubes kept churning - as they are wont to do – and in the midst of an epic streak in this 2013 season, some online fans referenced the way he was dispatching opponents by labeling #35 as “The Slim Reaper.” And it's stuck.

Tall, thin, efficient, unstoppable and able to bring doom to his competition, Slim reaper seems a fitting nickname for this young superstar (though in reality he features far more weapons than a simple scythe). Here he’s pictured in a fun new design as a hybrid between himself and the Angel Death, incorporating symbolism from the game and a color scheme that will look familiar in Oklahoma.

Like all National Fanthem, it's not an official shirt of any player, team, league, or shepherd to the afterlife -- it's just a comical piece of original art from our imagination; drawn by hand and rendered digitally as a lossless high-resolution vector graphic for perfect printing. It's available onseveral colors of heavyweight pre-shrunk shirts in sizes small through 5XL. (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).
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