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Our original Knick verion was described by The Atlantic as, "The best off-brand Jeremy Lin shirt money can buy. This feels like the kind of thing that, in two days, is going to go for three hundred bucks on eBay and multiple celebrities are going to be photographed wearing beneath a rumpled corduroy blazer." we're ready fr the impending move to Houston!

Undrafted coming out of Harvard, the league's first Chinese-American player (more accurately and politically-correct: Taiwanese-American) was languishing on the end of the Knick's bench (and sleeping on his brother's couch) with a 10-day NBA contract when injuries throughout the squad put him on the floor...and suddenly the Knickerbockers had their leader at the point. Injury cut his season short, but didn't hinder his free agent appeal, and now it looks like Lin may move to Houston, where Yao Ming once reigned.

The design still comes in the blue look, but is also available on a new red verision for the Texas signing on 100% cotton pre-shrunk tee shirts in sizes small through 4XL (alternate colors/cuts/sizes available on request).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)