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This is not a joke minimizing the serious nature of the disgusting developments at Penn State University, this is a protest, this is an insult, this an intentional slight intended as a scarlet letter to expose and condemn the inexcusably misguided institutional behavior surrounding the Sandusky sex scandal that has tainted the university, the football program and the prematurely-beatified Joe Paterno.

It can be unfair to impugn an entire organization for the behavior of an individual monster, but here the culpability spread like a cancer throughout State College. Allegations detail that a graduate football assistant witnessed the rape of a child by a former assistant coach affiliated with the school and waited a day to only tell the coach. The coach (a longtime friend of the alleged rapist), complied with the bare legal minimum notification requirements and passed the info to his athletic director, who kept it under wraps. When the scandal broke, the university president stood by the character and behavior of his employees.

Morality, legality and children's lives were seemingly sacrificed for the sake of a football program. A football program. Wear this shirt to humiliate the school and destroy the very legacy that was more precious to those involved than were the victims of these heinous crimes. Apologies to the academics and alumnus who feel besmirched by this smear -- but take a hard look at your school, at the empowerment allowed by the worship of gridiron success, and pressure your institution to do the right thing now and change the environment for all time.

The shirt is available on 100% pre-shrunk cotton in navy, ash or white in sizes up to 5XL. (Alternate cuts, styles, colors, sizes may be available upon request).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)