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Forget Spuds McKenzie (which you probably already have), there's a new Irish party animal on the North Side of Chicago, and his name is Seamus Catuli!

Though there's no known connection between the Chicago Cubs and Irish tradition (other than each enduring horrific famines), Wrigley Field visitors love to intertwine their Gaelic heritage (and party skills) with their baseball fandom. This tee provides a new mascot that joins the two, and hopefully supplies some luck.

All true fans know that "Eamus Catuli" is the Latin phrase featured on a famous rooftop sign that loosely translates to "Go Cubs"...we just added an "S", and Seamus Catuli was born! He's a bi-pedal cubby leprechaun with a bat for a cane and a thirst for beer; he may not know the taste of victory, but he knows fun (just like Cub fans).

Get the party started and show your love for the ballclub and shamrocks alike with this fun tee that comes on bright green, forest green and navy blue 100% cotton shirts in sizes up to 4XL (Alternate brands/cuts/colors/sizes can be custom-printed for little additional cost).

(Children/Women's Sizes Available)