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Following a disturbing decade-long institution-wide cover-up of the ongoing sordid actions of a prominent member of the Penn State football "family", the disgusting facts are coming to light, illuminating not only the depths of depravity to which individuals can sink, but the extent that power, money, popularity and vanity can warp the principles of otherwise solid citizens.

Joe Paterno and Penn State University have long held themselves out at paragons of virtue to be emulated in the worlds of academia and sports...reputations that were clearly far more dear to them than the underlying reality. Revelations unfolding this week indicate that PSU staff from graduate assistants to the president of the university were aware of the predatory sexual practices of one of their own, but kept silent to protect the football program. Silent not about one act, but the continuing assaults by a serial child rapist.

Faced with an onslaught of mortifying facts, the president stood by the enabling behavior of his underlings, Paterno led a chant of "WE ARE - PENN STATE" and focused on "beating Nebraska" rather than "those kids that got involved with some of the problems that were talked about," and then students RIOTED when JoePa was fired. Revolting. Embarrassing.

The rapist has now been arraigned, two members of the university administration have been indicted for perjury, and the federal government has announced that it will be conducting an investigation into possible additional criminal charges. The party is over, the reality is (hopefully) setting in, and perhaps a sober re-calibration of priorities can follow. Instead of mindlessly chanting "WE ARE PENN STATE" without a comprehension of what's being done in the school's name, it's time to prosecute those who put football ahead of lives and send them to the STATE PENITENTIARY as a reminder of our societal duties.

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